ROS, the new rack restoration system in UAE

ROS directors
ROS directors
Here in the middle of the picture the CEO of ROS International, Hans Slavenburg with the ROS-UAE Managing Director to the right Federico Cellini and Director Peter Johansson to the left.

Warehouse racking systems are heavy-performance structures designed to withstand substantial loads as well as the inevitable wear and tear from constanr loading and unloading, material handling equipment and recklessness, making them susceptible to damage.

The ROS Rack Repair System, originally designed for the ready-to-assemble furniture manufacture giant, IKEA offers a cost-effective, reliable and fast alternative to standard repair methods. The system is a hydraulic tool that fits a mould to the damaged rack and trough to its original form and load capacity within minutes.

Replacing a damaged part of a racking system is a lengthy and expensive process that requires considerable labour, unlike the ROS system which requires fewer workers, less equipment and minimal operational disruption.

Rack restoration system
The new repair system reinforces the metal rack by restoring its original shape.
Rack restoration system
The innovative solution serves various medium and large-sized distribution centres from a wide spectrum of industries, from warehousing, automotive, manufacturiong, to food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, 3PL and other industries requiring pallet racking systems.
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